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Stitches: A Novel

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Courtney Pierce

When living forever can be a choice, creating a legacy becomes a passion. Jean and Spence Collins step out of the corporate mainstream—and right into a world of magic after they make an innocent purchase at an estate sale. And their lives are about to go from ordinary to extraordinary. After thirty-two years in the corporate grind, Jean and Spence Collins are ready for a magical time-out when they move back to Portland, Oregon. And that’s what they get when Jean buys an old chest at the estate sale of Mary Coulter, an elderly widow. Hidden inside the chest is an ancient eighteen-inch piece of fabric that begins to act strange—the three magnificent birds on it are ancient and alive. And they’re about to change the Collinses’ lives too. At the touch of her most treasured possessions to be sold, Mary Coulter is ready to let go and move into a senior living community. But she’s not ready to give up on her potential journey to immortality. The magical fabric holds the key, but she can’t find it. Mary’s greedy son, Raleigh, wants to get his hands on the fabric too—he needs money fast. An FBI agent has his eye on Raleigh for insider trading. And Raleigh has his eye on the Collinses. Jean and Spence track down Mary Coulter, who knows of the fabric’s powers—but not all its secrets. With Raleigh and the FBI on their heels, Jean and Spence set off on a transforming quest to London, and finally to Cairo, to unlock the fabrics secrets of life...and death. And what they find out will change their lives forever. STITCHES is the first installment of a trilogy following the magical journey of Jean and Spence Collins as they sleuth their way toward retirement - with a little immortal help. Celebrate the adventurous spirit of the boomers who want to put away the remote and run to the next phase of life. Magic exists for every generation, but what you do with it can change your life forever.

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