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Terminal Horizons

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Mike Chinakos

For thousands of years, the Federated Core Worlds ruled the universe. Then John Wayfinder crossed over the Terminal Horizon and into another dimension. Our universe would never be the same. From the cities of the FedCore to alien worlds—join soldiers and assassins, walk with the holy and fear for the innocent as they collide with Terminal Horizons. Mike Chinakos, author of the Hollywood Cowboys series, casts aside some of the conventional rules of Sci-Fi storytelling and throws all but the kitchen sink into this dazzling cross-genre journey. From the Wild West feel of Eyes of a Stranger to the H.P. Lovecraft inspired The God Below, these stories will enthrall and surprise both die-hard Sci-Fi fans and readers of multiple genres looking for well-written, fast-paced stories. Travel across the Federated Core Worlds with these ten stories and follow John Wayfinder’s mosaic journey as he battles invaders from another universe intent on conquering ours.

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