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L.J. Hayward

They said it wasn't a war.

From where Bone Mage Gabriel is standing, up to his elbows in soldiers' blood and guts, it sure looks, smells and feels like a war. Sent to join the protective campaign as punishment for a controversial healing, Gabe's at odds with everything from his fellow military personnel to his own vow to save every life that passes through his hospital. Then he meets Rafe, a young man with dangerous knowledge about the war, and things go from bad to disastrous.

War is nothing new to David. He's fought in a hundred, begun some of them, and ended them all. Cursed to fight wherever, however, whoever he's commanded to, David is the Immortal Soldier. A slave to the magic that keeps him alive and bound, David longs for the day he'll be free, but first, he has to bring Rafe home, and nothing, not even an argumentative Bone Mage, will stop him.

Then there's Duke Sol. Intent on leading a quiet life with his family, Sol is reluctantly drawn into plots of betrayal, blackmail and treason, all in an effort to find his peace, and bring his friend, Gabe, home from war.

From a bloody, war-ravaged desert to the pristine palaces and cathedrals of those running the war, three men will be tested to their limits . . . and if they break, their world might not survive.

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L.J. Hayward

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