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Fallen (Chronicles of the Broken Book 1)

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Amanda Washington

Six witnesses ... One deadly fall. No one will ever be the same.

Football jock Marcus Wilson had big plans for winter break, and they didn't include being stuck in a cabin at some bogus camp. But, when Marcus' temper explodes, he's forced to do just that. Camping with a neurotic gamer, a reclusive goth, a pathological liar, and an aspiring drummer is bad enough, but he also has the misfortune of dealing with some wanna-be hero who's hell-bent on "saving" him. So, Marcus does what any rational person would do and makes a run for it, only to find himself dangling above a chasm with no ground in sight. Now his survival rests in the hands of the very people he bailed on.

Will Marcus live long enough to regret the way he treated them?

What secrets await at the bottom of the chasm?

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