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Snowville - Revenge Of Defrost

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Stefano Enrieu

Short illustrated children's story 700+ words ages 4 to 9When the people in a village bully and tease a young 'boy', a creature who is different to them, he suffers and eventually dies. However he gets his revenge in spirit form by cursing the village.Many years later a wandering snowman comes to the village and realises what must be done to break the curse.Read this entertaining and beautifully illustrated story of 'Defrost', his curse, and the solution that the snowmen provide, by using their magic powers of farting light fluffy snowflakes to destroy EVIL.......

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Snowville - Revenge Of Defrost
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smebooks children 6+

Snowville - The Attack of the Yetis
The Police Cats of Paws County
Snowville - Revenge Of Defrost
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