PenBlock is a virtual bookshelf for readers and authors.

Market Your Book

PenBlock is a simple and effective way to promote your work. Simply build a profile about the author, create a bookshelf named after your work, then connect with others on the website.

Our community is full of active readers, writers and book club members. By tapping into our network you have instant access to your consumer base.

Promoting your book on PenBlock can be completed in a few simple steps.

Click “My Account” to access your personal profile.

Select the “Edit” button to build your personal profile. Complete fields including About Me section and upload profile picture. Make sure to include your Facebook and Twitter fan pages to optimize the full suite of features of our website.

Once profile is complete, click “+ Add A Book” to share your books with our community.

Create A Bookshelf and title it based on your creation. If the book is part of a series, name a bookshelf after a particular series. If you have several different books, we recommend calling the bookshelf “Author’s Work”.

Once created you can add books to your bookshelf.

There are two ways to add a book.

1. Click “+ Add A Book” and either add a book based on our unique database, or upload your book.
2. Enter the author or book title in the search field.

Please note: If you upload a book, it may take a few hours to populate on your page as our support team reviews each addition by hand. Books added from our search will appear immediately.

When you add your books to our website you can customize the linkback of the book.

Selling your books directly? You can upload your book and link the book directly to your website for direct sales. If you do not have your own personal website, you can contact us about developing one or simply use our robust search capability to locate your book. Books that are not uploaded will default to our distribution channel.

Once a book is added to your bookshelf, you can visit your book and click on the one-touch social media marketing buttons to share your work with fans and potential readers and even ask for user reviews.

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