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Brushes: A Novel (Stitches) (Volume 2)

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Courtney Pierce

The magic started in STITCHES and blossoms in BRUSHES, the second installment of the Collinses’ quest to transform their lives from ordinary to extraordinary as they sleuth their way toward retirement. The power of art makes big waves for Jean and Spence Collins. With the magic of the ancient fabric still inside of them, the Collinses make their first visit to their newly inherited B&B in Richmond, Virginia. While there, Jean becomes obsessed with a small painting called The Dancing Boy. She says the painting speaks to her—and it really does! It has secrets to tell, and so do members of the immortal Gaines family who come out of eternal retirement. Immortality really can be a choice, and the possibility of it ignites a passion in the Collinses to realize their dreams in this life. Jean and Spence have no idea the firestorm they’re about to unleash after they bring The Dancing Boy home to Portland, Oregon. When they take the painting to the museum to be cleaned by a gifted art student, the worlds of fine art, financial fraud, and magic converge to draw the Jean and Spence into the deadly game of a Ponzi scheme—a game that puts both their magical painting and their inheritance at risk. But the Collinses have a plan. Together with their friend at the FBI, agent Jon Segert, Jean and Spence devise a scheme of generosity—that requires a little immortal help. Follow updates and news about STITCHES and BRUSHES on Courtney Pierce’s blog site: www.stitchesthenovel.blogspo...

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