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Anthony D Fredericks

Ace Your Teacher Interview provides you with inside information on how to prepare for interviews, various interview formats, and how to handle tricky questions. Additionally, you ll discover a creative range of inside information on what impresses interviewers and makes you stand out as a candidate. In a witty and informative manner, Fredericks generously shares the time-tested strategies that will get you hired. Dr. Anthony D. Fredericks has participated in numerous interviews from both sides of the desk. In Ace Your Teacher Interview, the Revised and Expanded 2nd edition, he has assembled the wisdom and experience of scores of seasoned educators. This all-in-one sourcebook of teacher interview questions, paired with the best responses, offers invaluable insights on what you need to succeed in a very competitive job market. Revised for this edition is information on eleven new questions and answers to reflect the most current educational trends like Common Core, Standards-based teaching, and more. Also updated is the information on dress codes and reviewed and revised questions and answers. Readers will find a Preface, a personal checklist for interview success, web resources for interviewees, and resources for teachers and teachers-to-be. What readers have said about Ace Your Teacher Interview: I just got my dream job in a great school district because this book made me a more desirable candidate. This should be required reading for all Education Majors. I spent one year looking for a teaching job with no luck. I bought this book, and it taught me what I was doing wrong in interviews and on applications. I now have a full time teaching job that I love! Excellent tips! I have interviewed multiple times; then I read the book and landed my first teaching job! As the title promises, I aced all of my interviews and had multiple job offers. I had three interviews. Offered two jobs and I got to choose which I wanted most! Every question I was asked in the interview was in this book!

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