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J. C. Conway is a romance, science fiction and fantasy author, writing novels and short stories for adults, young adults and teens. He is also a complex litigation attorney, teacher, active supporter of community groups and projects, and an advocate for mental health. Hearts in Ruin is J. C. Conway's debut novel, inspired by a combination of his interest in Paleolithic archaeology and his understanding of deep-seated conflict in academic and post-academic settings. His short stories have appeared in many magazines and online publications. Two of his short stories appear this summer in The Colored Lens and Comets & Criminals. His second novel, Towers of Earth, is scheduled for release in April 2017. It is a compelling and suspenseful teen science fiction adventure about a group of space colonists forced to return to Earth following a shipboard disaster. Earth has changed dramatically, with its population migrated to a series of mighty geostationary towers. 15-year-old colonist, Allison Taylor, wants to resume her mission to the stars, but the people of Earth are in trouble and need her special skills, while others want to stop her at any cost.

Hearts in Ruin

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Everything Andrea has worked for is being threatened … and she’s not going to just stand still and take it! Passion, lies, and betrayal clash in the wake of a plot to destroy an ancient truth.

J. C. Conway
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